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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I'm worried about my information being stolen, do I just leave it on my dashboard?

   A: The dash pouch is removable, you do not have to leave it there. It is only for when you the car is in use. I recommend putting it in the sun visor when you exit so it is out of sight and convenient.

Q: How does it stick?

   A: In the set, you receive a non-slip pad which has two adhesive sides. One side sticks to the dashboard and the other side sticks to your pouch as well as other items you would like to have in arms reach.

Q: Won't my information be visible ?

   A: Your information is only visible if you choose it to be that way, it has a tri-fold design which allows you to fold it. This way your information will not be revealed.

Q: Isn't it just a wallet?

   A: Although it resembles the design of a wallet, the purpose is different even though the structure is similar. The goal of a wallet isn't to save lives however, that is what the dash pouch was created to do.


Q: What do I do if my non-slip pad loses its stickiness?

   A: If it starts to attract a lot of dust/dirt just wash it so it can go right back to how it was. However, if it is not returning to the way it was, your best option is purchasing another pad.

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