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Meet  the Inventor

19 year-old behind the Dash Pouch

At the young age of only 14, Amber Palm, who is now 19 years-old and a 2020 high school graduate, took into consideration the tragic events of traffic stops resulting in violence and the loss of a life based on a misunderstanding. Her older brother, Travis Custis, along with the other males in her life contributed to her interest in making a difference with the interaction between driver and law enforcement. Her mission is to not only protect her loved ones, but the loved ones of everyone facing the same issue. Amber now attends Bowie State University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in business while still achieving her goal of growing her business.


Wide Receiver For Carolina Panthers #12

DJ Moore

Former wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens

Torrey Smith

Donna ( Black Ink Crew)

Rachel Argon and Amy Jennings from Fox 45

Fox 45 Team


Baltimore Times Newspaper

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